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The most asked Interview Questions and answers for Digital Marketing Jobs 2017

Get top jobs in Digital Marketing prepare with Digital Kora’s well researched and compiled top 15 interview question and answers of Digital Marketing in 2017. here they are for all aspiring marketers!! With the beginning of 2017 Digital Marketing is… Continue Reading →

Top SEO On-Page factors to rank on first page of Google in 2017

How to rank on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE with ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS? Competitor website outranking your website can be frustrating, Ranking high is possible by implementing proven On-Page SEO Factors. The single most important aspect that makes or breaks… Continue Reading →

Why Digital Marketing Analytics Matter To Your Business

Why Digital Marketing Analytics Matter To Your Business Data has an ever changing base in this age of digitalisation. In this present world, marketers are emphasising on “Big Data” which helps in analysing the latest trends and change in the… Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing jobs in bangalore

Digital marketing Career – A Comprehensive guide explained never before DIGITAL KORA Digital marketing is a very useful platform for promoting company’s product and service, for that we need digital media, Internet and company website. Basically digital marketing is the… Continue Reading →

Social Media Marketing/SMM Course in Bangalore

What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing is using the medium of social media websites and platforms in order to promote and market the product that is produced by the company. It is one of the most commonly used… Continue Reading →

Learn How to Earn Money Online – DigitalKora

About Digital Kora Digital Kora is an online digital marketing training center in Marathahalli, Bangalore. This rand offers various courses which not only teach concepts and strategies of digital marketing but also helps the learners understand the methodologies behind earning… Continue Reading →

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course

Introduction The world has been transforming in a modern way in day to day span. The greatest and best transformation of the world is connecting one and other through online services. Since the people have accepted the digital transformation, the… Continue Reading →

Certified PPC Training in Bangalore

Advertisements featuring PPC are a major part of the market nowadays. Most advertisements we encounter online generate revenue in the form of PPC. PPC advertisements have very recently taken the internet and e-commerce platforms by storm. PPC is an indispensable… Continue Reading →

Email Marketing Training in Bangalore

Introduction In today’s world, the Internet is taking over. It is everywhere. Within a click of a touch, you could see all around the world, you can get food, you can order transport, and you can do everything that you… Continue Reading →

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