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SEO courses in Bangalore

            Today, many work chances exist in the vastly upgraded digital marketing sector. Because most customers increasingly utilise social networking sites for work and shopping, many firms employ digitalisation to portray their brands online.SEO courses in Bangalore Professionals in digital marketing have recently had a healthy market, and Bangalore is regarded as India's technological hub.  Bangalore impacted the original wave of digitalisation since the technology was more pervasive there. Bangalore has seen a considerable increase in available opportunities and digital marketing firms. Numerous digital marketing companies with offices in Bangalore hire new hires and seasoned employees yearly.  2.5 LPA and 4 LPA are the typical yearly earnings for a novice in India's digital marketing industry, whereas 4.5 LPA to 7 LPA are the typical annual earnings for an experienced worker. Therefore, people wishing to pursue a digital marketing profession should register for SEO courses in Bangalore before submitting job applications throughout PAN India.

            First, give us a definition of SEO. SEO refers to the process of improving a website for search engines. The positioning of a website on the search engine results page can be improved using this technique. The possibility of generating organic leads may decrease since the exposure ranking of a website on the search engine results page increases the likelihood that potential customers will click on it. Most firms utilise SEO because it helps them acquire more customers through digital marketing. SEO, which enables you to reach thousands of prospective customers concurrently, is the most efficient approach to expanding your business utilising digital marketing. These days, everyone is busy with their regularly planned daily jobs. No one can go shopping or do other specific activities as a result. With everything at their fingertips, everyone seeks to use digital media to save time. Due to the epidemic, everyone strives to meet all their necessities within the house. Because of this, it has become second nature for everyone to utilise search engines to discover answers to their needs, whether related to shopping, restaurant meals, online transactions, or anything else. That would save time because everyone searches the internet for online solutions.

This has broadened the scope of digital marketing both in India and internationally. Today's startup enterprises and global corporations use SEO managers, executives, and analysts to expand their operations. In this industry, new hires receive substantial remuneration, and as they gain experience, their salary increases. Due to the increased need for SEO in digital marketing, the younger generation now has a wide range of work opportunities with good income. Furthermore, anybody who wants to work for a respected, well-established organisation can enrol in an SEO course in Bangalore.

Details of the course

            Due to the expansion of several digital marketing companies and job prospects in the industry, Bangalore now has more institutes than ever before. However, most of them are fake since they do not address the essential elements of digital marketing. Our business provides in-depth training to trainees on the value of digital marketing, various digital marketing tactics, and how to use them in their own businesses.  Students can register in a course of their choosing that covers every facet of digital marketing, like the use of social media advertising, content advertising, email advertising, and mobile advertising, or they can opt to focus on one of these topics. The class timings are going to be quite handy for the students. Daily lessons will be offered between 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM and 3 PM to 6:00 PM in two separate sessions.



During registration, students might select their course timetable and, in a pinch, switch to a different course. Our company only hires teachers with a minimum of five years of expertise and experience. They are highly qualified and can guide students towards becoming the future leaders in the field of digital marketing. Lessons are taught in Bangalore's financial area five days a week. Each student receives a half-hour opportunity to answer any concerns they might have regarding the courses from the week before during a doubt-clearing exercise that is offered each weekend. The entire course will last for 3, 6, and eight months. During the last several months of the course, learners will have the opportunity to take part in two projects for our organisation and an internship we are offering. We provide courses at extremely reasonable pricing as compared to other suppliers.  A special registration offer provides a price reduction of 25% on the global digital marketing course for the first 50 students. Students who are having financial difficulties can also take use of specific facilities. On all of the courses students select to take, they get a 15% discount.

The course, which was meticulously created by industry experts in search engine optimisation, covers every element, including keyword study, website assessment, creating blogs and other material, tracking, and evaluation. In both our online as well as offline instruction, we promise to cover all of the different SEO duties.

Syllabus of SEO course

Module 1: Local business & listing

Module 2: Google Search Console   

Module 3: Search engine optimization

Module 4: On-page Optimization

Module 5: WordPress Website creation

Module 6: Keywords Research and Analysis

Module 7: Off page optimization

Module 8: Local business & listing 

People who can attend SEO courses

            Enrollment in SEO courses is not subject to any particular prerequisites. Anyone who has some computer experience and a reliable internet connection is eligible to join in this course. Anyone who has completed 10th-12th grade or who is a graduate or professional specialist who wishes to learn SEO is welcome to join in this course.

Scope of SEO courses in Bangalore

            Attending classes and obtaining SEO certifications may be essential if you're a beginner who wants to learn under the direction of SEO experts in a structured way or a working professional who requires updating their credentials or gain new expertise and best practises in the quickly evolving market.

Courses and their fees structures

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce: 6 months course, Rs 15000/-

Introduction to Google SEO: 3 months course, Rs 12000/-

Google SEO Fundamentals: 3 months course, Rs 12500/-

Increase SEO Traffic with WordPress: 6 months course, Rs 18000/-

Advanced SEO strategies: 6 Months course, Rs 20000/-

Search Engine Optimization with Squarespace: 1year course, Rs 60000/-



Placement Opportunities