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Most Sought Out Digital Marketing Jobs in Bangalore

Are you looking for a transition or wish to build a career in the digital marketing world? Probably, you have landed at the right destination. It is because tons of career opportunities available in this arena but each of them requires some different skill sets. No matter, whether you turn towards tech, business, and management, or the creative, in the end, you will have digital jobs always. Since the digital marketing drastically changed in the Indian market, many big companies need in hiring the best digital marketing professionals who well versed in their field. Unfortunately, the talent gap makes most of the good jobs unreachable to the job seekers hands. Currently, digital marketing has been highly successful in establishing the stronghold in the online marketplace. Increased usage of digital marketing leads a path to the advent of a new pool of digital marketing jobs in India. This is the major reason for many students and professionals wishing to set their career in this sphere. As of 2017, around 1.5lakhs digital marketing jobs have been created in India according to Times of India. To grap this chance, you should have required skills and certification. Continue reading the article to know more about the digital marketing career opportunities.

Growth of Digital Marketing jobs in Bangalore

Even though many cities in India have been growing, Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan cities in Asia. In fact, it is a home to some of the high tech industries in the country. Do you know that IT industry views Bangalore as the byte-basket of the country? Bangalore is not only blessed with fabulous architectures, shopping malls, and landmarks but also business opportunities. It is a hub of jobs because of the availability of the country’s leading IT exporter. Presently, Bangalore has created more job opportunities for the job seekers in the field of digital marketing. Here, you will get to know the list of digital marketing jobs available in Bangalore. Along with this, you will also know about the digital marketing professional salary, skills required, and so on.

List of hottest Digital Marketing jobs in Bangalore

  • Digital Marketing manager
One of the most sought digital marketing jobs in Bangalore is a digital marketing manager. To become a digital marketing manager, you should have at least 5+years experience. If you have proper certifications, which prove your expertise, then you will be hired. At present, most of the companies are looking for the best digital marketing manager to lead their in-house marketing team. Responsibilities – Leading the digital marketing team, reporting to the vice president of marketing of the firm and responsible for combining various digital marketing components and making it efficient Salary package – The digital marketing manager salary starts from Rs. 15 to 20 lakhs per annum. Based on the experience, it can reach up to Rs. 40 lakhs.
  • SEO Executive (search engine optimizer)
Rather than spending money on the Google Ad Words campaigns, many companies wish to invest in the SEO optimizer who does better search engine optimization so that they will get free traffic from Google. It is the most important reason for unlimited opportunities available for SEO executive. The SEO executive should be an expert in the usage of several types of SEO tools in the market. Responsibilities – Keyword research, user experience optimization, getting pages indexed, managing duplicate content, using webmaster tools, and other areas Salary package – The average salary for SEO executive is Rs. 3.50 lakhs per annum.
  • Social media marketing expert
Currently, the jobs related to social media marketing attracts the attention of several job seekers because of increased career opportunities. Even though social media creates several hot jobs, social media marketing expert is highly demanded in the Indian market, especially Bangalore. Responsibilities – Developing relevant content topic to reach the target customers, listening, monitoring, and responding to users in the social way to increase sales and leads, and creating and managing all published content in the social media platform Salary package – If you start your career in the social media industry, then you can expect Rs. 3.20 lakhs per annum as the average salary.
  • Content marketing manager

To start your career as the content marketing manager, you should have at least 3 – 5 years experience in this field. As the content marketing manager, you are highly accountable for content marketing. You have to manage several things such as sales page copywriting, drip marketing campaigns, email communications, video marketing, etc. Responsibilities: Responsible for all content marketing initiatives to drive network traffic, leads, and engagement, which deliver more sales and customer retention, collaborates all the functions to deliver the effective content marketing strategy at the low cost Salary package – The average salary for the content marketing managers is between Rs. 10 to 15 lakh per year.
  • Copywriter
Do you want to be a copywriter? Well, you must be ready to work with several people in the digital marketing team. In fact, the copywriter help the content team to refine their content for the even better reception, helps search engine marketer write great ad copy, and assist social media manager with posting the best words on the social media platform. Among several digital marketing jobs in Bangalore content is one of the highly sought after choice. Responsibilities – Developing creative test, taglines, and ads, deliver the verbal content and words, which accompanies the visual elements, develop a strategy to attract the audiences, etc Salary package – On an average, the copywriter gets Rs. 2.90 lakhs per year Apart from these, plenty of other digital marketing jobs are demanding in the marketplace.

Which digital marketing jobs are most in demand?

Take a look at the digital jobs, which are highly in demand in India. Jobs are listed from high to low demand in the Indian market based on the recent survey.
  • Social media marketing (+35%)
  • Digital marketing manager/executive (+25%)
  • Mobile marketing (+17%)
  • Search engine optimization (+15%)
  • Email marketing (+7%)
  • Web analytics (+6%)
  • Affiliate marketing (+5%)
  • Web design (+5%)
  • E commerce (+4%)
Another important aspect to note in the recent survey when compared to traditional marketing roles is that there is less disparity in salary between the male and female roles.